Teachers Training 2008

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"Sky Yogi" by Lynda Frese. A revolving art gallery is available at the Shala, with local yogis contributing their expansive vision.

Please contact Michele@swanriveryoga.com if you are interested in purchasing this art.

New Books: Just out, "Be Love Now" by Ram Dass. "Sweeping the Dust" by Ruth Lauer.

  Music Invoking Consciousness

Krishna Das
Bhagavan Das
Shyam Das
Jai Uttal
Benjy Wertheimer
Durga Das
Dead Can Dance
The Dum Dum Project
Ravi Shankar
George Harrison
Sky Cries Mary
Audio Letter
Willie Nelson
Johnny Cash
Alice Coltraine
John Coltraine
Pharaoh Sanders
Nina Simone
Maneesh Manor
Damian Jr. Gong
DJ Cheb I Sabbah
DJ Shadow
Bill Laswell
Angelo Badalamenti
Sat Kartar
Sister Gertrude Morgan
Wyclef Jean
Thievery Corporation
Michael Franti
Ty Burhoe
Mos Def
Sistah Shree
Natacha Atlas
The Beastie Boys
Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan
Soldiers of Jah Army
Thievery Corporation
Vishwa Mohan Bhat

Links Invoking Consciousness
Sharon Gannon & David Life of Jivamukti Yoga – www.JivamuktiYoga.com
John Friend of Anusara Yoga – www.Anusara.com
Ashram Living and teaching – www.Sivananda.org
Spiritual speaker/author Ram Dass – www.RamDass.org
Yoga D.J. Guru – www.chebisabbah.com
Become a vegetarian – www.peta.com
Sanskrit with Manorama – www.sanskritstudies.org
Resources to the Mayan Calandar – www.tortuga.com
Progressive Shamism –www.Realitysandwich.com

Ecstatic music for your practice – whiteswanrecords.com
Conscious foundation references – Georgeharrison.com/mwf/
Spiritual and human Activism – Spearheadvibrations.com
The best choice for a yoga mat – jadeyoga.com
*Progressive Community Concsciousness www.evolver.net

*This includes our local community Evolver Spore in New Orleans. Be a part of Galactivation.To join the Evolver Global Network, and the New Orleans Community go to http://evolver.net/group/evolver_new_orleans

Nomadic Tribal Belly Dance Troupe performs at Shala.


Enjoy Exotic Landscapes:

Journey to the Motherland...2012...Southern India Tour!

Contact: Michele@swanriveryoga.com

Amrita Massage Sanctuary (lower garden district): Lisa@swanriveryoga.com

Medicina Massage (Mid-City): Ben@swanriveryoga.com

Reiki, Energy Clearing, and Chakra Tuning Sessions with Michele Baker

Michele Baker, a level III Reiki Master, has done extensive work with energy clearing, mystical yoga techniques, visualization, and medicinal herbs to assist her in clearing the Chakras, the subtle Anatomy of the body. She is now offering private sessions for this blend of energy healing. In a session, you will do some pranayama and mantra to clear your inner rivers, and then lie down in restorative yoga poses, where Michele will then use different healing tools of smudging, aromatherapy, sound mantra therapy, and direct visualization to read your chakras and finely tune them.  Reiki will also be implimented, where Michele will call upon the chi/prana/reiki to flow with the guidance of the Reiki, Yoga, and Shamanic lineage of Spirit. You will leave a Chakra Tuning Session feeling very refreshed, nurtured, and clear, and will often receive speficic messages about the source of certain blockages in the body, which eventually lead to being the primary causes of disharmony and disease if not addressed. Get to the source and transform the seeds, for a clearing on all of the koshic levels.
1 session is aprox. up to 2 hours long and the investment is $100

Enjoy Kirtan: "Karuna" with Aaron Lind, Michele Baker and the Swans.

Contact: Aaron@swanriveryoga.com

Ecstatic Kirtan; Call and response chanting and live music available for your event or studio.

Enjoy Michele's personal blog: Learn Michele's personal insights as she travels the world and the Akasha. A yoga teacher, healer, storyteller, chanteuse; hear her deeply personal inner landscape's revelations on teaching, meditating, practicing yoga, energy work, ritual, spiritual guides, psychic sensitivies, being a musician, lover, friend, tribal community gatherer, and and world roamer, ignited by the spark of life.

Go To:


A neti-pot party is a great way to hang out on a Friday night!

 List of Required books for all trainings:

1. Jivamukti Yoga: Practices For Liberating Body and Soul by Sharon Gannon and David Life  (available at the Shala)

2. Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual by John Friend

3. Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda

4. Autobiography of a Yogi by Parahamsa Yogananda

Movies to watch:  

Fierce Grace with Ram Dass
What Is Yoga with Sharon Gannon,David Life, and Willem Defoe.
Yoga UnVeiled with various modern Masters, including B.K.S. Iyengar and Shri K. Pattabhi Jois

Materials to Study:
Laxmi Rocks Me dvd by John Friend
Master Immersion cd by John Friend
Refining Your Breath by Doug Keller
Yoga As Therapy by Doug Keller
Nataraja; Clothed In Consciousness by Douglas Brookes
Currents of Grace cd by Douglas Brookes
The Book of Secrets; Bhairav Tantra by Osho * this will be a part of the T.T.
The Psoas Book by Liz Koch
Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan
You Are Psychic by Sharon Katz Tibetan Book of Yoga by Lama Christie McNally
Any music by Jai Uttal, Bhagavan Das, Manorama, Shantala, Dave Stringer, or Krishna Das, so that you become familiar with the chants.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi